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Dinah's Delights Fat Quarter Bundle (30 pieces) by Batsy Chutchain for Moda

"With each collection I create, there is a story to tell. Dinah's Delight begins with an antique quilt that was really two finished quilts that had been cut up to create a new quilt in the early 1800s. I was fascinated by the construction, wondering if the quilts were cut apart to hide them from the enemy, or if they were the salvaged parts of damaged quilts. The name comes from Dinah Crisler Carpenter (1762-1836), my fifth-generation removed great-grandmother. Born in Culpeper County, Virginia, Dinah married Samuel Carpenter, who fought alongside their fellow Virginians in the Revolutionary War, and eventually had fourteen children. Dinah's Delight recreates the magic of the antique quilt, while gentleness reflects the colonial life of a reverend wife. I hope this collection of beautiful prints inspires you to tell your story in a quilt." ~Betsy

This fat quarter pack includes thirty 1/4 yard (18" x 22") pieces of 100% high quality quilting weight cotton. These fabrics are perfect for accessories, clothing, pillows and whatever sewn items your imagination can create. Fabric is shipped in protective plastic. Shipping is provided in flat rate padded envelopes.