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16 yard Bolt of Bella Solids Bleached White 9900 097 -- Shipped OFF the Bolt

Bleached White -- Color Number 9900 097

This is a 15 yard bolt of Moda Bella Solid fabric in the Bleached White colorway. In order to save on shipping costs, the fabric will be removed from the bolt, folded and shipped in a flat rate medium box.  If you wish to have your fabric shipped on the bolt, please see THIS listing.  Each bolt is high quality, 45" wide, 100% cotton and shipped wrapped in protective plastic.

This is my very favorite solid white color for quiltmaking! The Moda Bella Bleached White is a wee bit creamier in color than the Moda Bella White Bleached (9900 098) which is a pure white color.

We can order any color of Moda bella on the bolt for you -- For more information on different colorways, please visit the Moda Bella Solids .pdf file HERE.